A Northern California original, Pitbull Tackle was created by fishermen, for fishermen. Originally created with the idea of designing species-specific fishing equipment for our local waters we still hold that true as we continue to design new and improved fishing tackle for anglers of all skill levels. Whether you fish for King Salmon along the Washington Coast, rigging rods for a bottomfish trip in California, or you are gearing up for an offshore trip in Mexico, we have the gear you need to put more fish in the boat. 

Our major focus for all lures is to enhance the product with either Glow or UV colors and often BOTH. This addition to the Pitbull Tackle line of products greatly increases the effectiveness of the baits and lures, as it gives the fish a target that they can see extremely well. UV enhanced lures give the fish a more vibrant and visible target, and contrast greatly against the waters natural colors. UV lures have a high visual contrast compared to their surroundings, whether it is being fished in the dark rocky depths or being fished offshore in the great expanses of blue ocean. 

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Pitbull Tackle Wholesale Program

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